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crashes on startup

I havent actually seen the app because it crashes immediately.

Wont even start

Cant even launch it.

Has all I need in a reader.

Very satisfied. Links easily to dropbox. Opens most extensions. Easy to transfer files from within network devices.

Great app but...

For some reason, when I try to open an epub or mobi sent by mail, I cant get Total reader to open it. No problem with oter reader apps. A pity, because I really like the many settings the text, choice of fonts etc. If it was not for the bug I mention before, this would be my favorite reader app.


Best app on the market for reading all types of ebook formats. I recommend strongly.

Very nice app...

But the new update make it crashing at the start...

Good free app

Good free app if you need to use rar, zip or pdf files, but too much advertisings (any time you open the application or use something in it). So good, but could be better.

5 minute only

It is a trial version. Only works for 5 minutes, so... This is farewell

Its awesome

The title says it all.

Good djvu reader

Offering the "pro" option all the time, sometimes annoying. But it works ok.


Falta visualização por rolagem and there many publicity even when one paid and bought the application. But it is a fine application.

The best Reader

I checked many reader apps, this is the best

You can find better

Only 5 Minutes free. You can find better and really without payments


Im sitting in a reading room with my phone on silent and the first thing this app does it playing a video ad on high volume! Playing a full screen video ad is bad. Doing it on high volume even though the phone is on mute is a no go.

Great app

Does exactly what I needed it to do, no crashes, no fuss..integrates with my file access apps too.

Greedy, greedy

Beware, this app is NOT free: just to remove the adds is $1.99, after that they will charge you separately for every little feature. As far as functionality goes it is OK, but way too expensive for what it does - there are cheaper apps out there that do the same.

Cannot use it for unknown cost

1st time use on .mobi and was ask to buy that format. Do not know how many other formats need to be bough. They should ask for the money up front before the app is download. I deleted it right the way.

I want a refund

I would like to get a refund of the 3.49 I spent because the features I paid for is no longer available to me. I will be contacting Apple regarding this is no resolution is reached.

Ads are far too intrusive

It is reasonable that they would use ads to support a free app, but the ads in this reader are wretched! OK--when it starts it pops up an ad--frequently one with sound that requires you to watch and listen to the whole ad. This is frustrating, but somewhat acceptable. What is not acceptable, is that while you are reading it interrupts your reading experience with a full page ad; completely spoiling the atmosphere that the author has carefully crafted into their novel. I spent my life in sales/marketing--and learned that people are more likely to buy in a pleasant environment; certainly not because they are annoyed! Indeed the only "sales people" I know that use the annoying. in-your-face sales techniques are Mexican street vendors.

Great Reader!

I like how you can access your books in your cloud services!

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